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1.EBK Sicc Set ft. Brotha Lynch Hung
2.That Nigga Once Again ft. Ten City
3.No Bitch ft. Mr. Doctor
4.On My Way To Being Major ft. Young Bo
5.If U Not Tru-2-This Game ft. Marv Mitch & Lemay
6.100ís to 20ís ft. P-Folks
7.Fucc The World ft. Dosia
8.So Much Madness ft. Young Dre D, Rup Dog
9.Donít Get Yo Jaw Broke ft. Triple Beam
10.Ya Gotta Be Gee ft. Be Gee
11.Keep Holdin On ft. Hollis, D-Dubb
12.Unpredicktable ft. Kapital Boyz
13.Check Your Bitch ft. X-Raided
14.Young & The Restless ft. Redrum
15.Busta Ass Nigga ft. Darkside
16.They Shouldíve Known ft. Vamp Dogg
17.Next Meal ft. Da Da, Marvaless
18.Lights Out Party's Over ft. Lil Pigg Penn, Dubb Sak
19.On My Way To The Top ft. Young Ridah. Nutt
20.CCH Playas ft. CCH
21.GP Squad ft. Gangsta Playaz
22.Itís Been A Long Time Comin ft. H-Wood
23.Bang Bang ft. Jackers, Mr. Doctor
24.Handlin Biz ft. Cyco, Koniack, 3-D
25.Jackin Mission ft. Gangsta Dre
26.Ride On Your Hood ft. O.Z., Levitti
27.Blood Stains ft. B.P.M.
28.You Created Me ft. Lunasicc, C-Bo
29.Da E-Clips ft. Bukcshot
30.The Hit ft. Max-A-Million
31.Thugged Out ft. Skanless, G-Menace
32.Creepin While Youíre Sleepin ft. Rebel, Foe Loco
33.GBC Psycho Set ft. C-Bo
34.Raw Game ft. Nonfiktion
35.Haters Like You ft. Homicide
36.Mobbin In Tha 916 ft. Lunasicc
37.You Want Funk ft. Junie
38.Whoís Laughing At Cha? ft. Young Joker
39.Consequences ft. Chill Bola
40.Funk Central Hatas ft. Gangsta Dre, Pigg, Jayda, K-Geeta, Melle-Mel
41.Gangsta Ride ft. J-Mack
42.Magic ft. Mally Mall
43.Ghetto Blues ft. Marvaless
44.Steady Flossin ft. Hollow Tip
45.Mr. No Print ft. Sicx, Swartzaniggaz
46.Locc Wit Me ft. Locc 2 Da Brain, NíSane
47.Sactown Playas ft. Big O, Big Ben
48.Final Verse ft. MC2 & J Dog
49.South Side Soldja ft. Old-E
50.Locc 2 Da Brain ft. Brotha Lynch Hung, Zigg Zagg, Big Dan, Mr. Doctor, Hyst
51.Dank & Drank ft. Rollyn 1000 Click, Jackers
52.They Know Iím A Ridah ft. J-Killa
53.Mr. Sacramento ft. Sac-Sin
54.It Getís Drastic ft. Liquid
55.Itís All Legit ft. G-Macc, Tre-8
56.Livin The Life ft. M Sane
57.Just Loungin Pt. II ft. CRISIS
58.All Over The World ft. Explicit
59.Born 2 Hustle ft. Talon & Big Rel
60.Sydewaayz ft. Mayjor Playahz
61.Another Day On The Block ft. Strawberry Manor Gangstas
62.Oh Me, Oh My ft. First Degree The D.E.
63.Nonbelievers ft. Mic-C
64.Bird Shit ft. Greedy

R8R & L-Wood Present - SAC Nine One Classix

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C-Bo, Young Joker, Bortha Lynch, Mr. Doctor, G-Macc, Redrum, Young Bo, Gangsta Dre, Young Dre D, Junie, X-Raided & Many More!
Album Details
R8R & L-Wood put together an essential compilation of 64 Sacramento, CA rap tracks released as a 2 disc cd set that are 916 classics you can't pass up. The entire album front to back is laced with music from the California's "golden era" of rap in the 1990's. All of these tracks are hard to find even for die-hard Sacramento rap and hip-hop fans.