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1.Intro - SFC
2.Back Again ft. Rappin’ 4-Tay
3.Straight Doin’ It ft. Cold World Hustlers
4.Hoe Games ft. Double D
5.Reel Shit (Remix) ft. Gangsta Rhyme Posse, Luck Dogg & Velski
6.Gone Off the Hen ft. Psycho
7.The Way I Roll ft. Fly Mar
8.Jealousy ft. I.M.P.
9.Assassins ft. Dush Tray, Nomad, Zigg
10.Swiftly ft. Cloud Nine
11.What Goes On ft. San Quinn
12.Gafflin ft. Ive Low
13.Messy Situationz ft. Messy Marv
14.Powder Hard ft. Do or Die
15.Inner City ft. Baldhead Rick & S.B.
16.Strictly Sickly ft. Ghetto Soldiers
17.GRP Intro ft. D.O.P.E.
18.Fillmoe Killa ft. Deco-D
19.Sicc Out The Moe ft. Lil E, Young Know
20.All Too Critical ft. A.T.C.
21.Somethin’ Fa Ya ft. Mr. Sandman, N.O.H. Mafia, Alias
22.Memories ft. T.P.O., Skeem
23.Straight Killas ft. Young Black Lunaticz, Devious, Les. G
24.Filthy Surroundings ft. The Gamblaz
25.Cream Of The Crop ft. JT The Bigga Figga, Playa P
26.A Dose of Dope ft. D-Moe
27.The Game Iz Real ft. Hugh E M.C.
28.Money Motivated ft. Two-Illeven
29.How Low Can U Go ft. Get Low Playaz
30.Drastic Time ft. Pho Balo, Nate
31.Lunatic Thoughts ft. D-Lew
32.Locked Up ft. Seff Tha Gaffla
33.Killa Whale ft. Dre Dog
34.Welcome To The Sucka Free ft. M.O.B.
35.The Whole Thang ft. JT The Bigga Figga
36.Start To Finish ft. Young Know, T-Gurp
37.11/5 On The Inside ft. 11/5
38.Goin To Tha Land ft. Big Rob
39.Master Plan ft. O.C. Dre
40.Anything Goes ft. Sky, Lil Dank, Young Lee, Mike
41.Hold On To The Money ft. Del Man Lowe, Lil Will T, E-Sic
42.Mr. Sandman ft. Hitman
43.Bounce To This ft. RBL Posse
44.Stack The Most ft. Big Mack, Primo
45.Pushin Kicks ft. Guce
46.On That Level ft. U.D.I.
47.The Plot ft. Black Nate
48.Road To Riches ft. Suga Bear
49.My Way (Inner City Mix) ft. Young Ed
50.Walk Like A ‘G’ ft. T-Lowe
51.Critical Decision ft. JJ Boy, Tione 800
52.Frisconian ft. Fly Nate The Banksta
53.It’s On ft. Young Cellski
54.Chillin Like A Villain ft. Hook Boogie, The Natural Posse
55.Playin Fo Keeps ft. Keylo
56.Mobbin On The Weekend ft. J-Mack, C-Rock
57.Trigga Lock ft. Mista Bossman

R8R & L-Wood Present - Sucka Free Classics

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Cold World Hustlers, Psycho, Fly Mar, 11/5, Cloud Nine, San Quinn, Deco-D, Dush Tray, Mista Bossman & Many More!
Album Details
R8R & L-Wood put together an essential compilation of 57 San Francisco rap tracks released as a 2 disc cd set that are 415 classics you gotta hear! The entire album front to back is laced with music from the Bay's "golden era" of rap in the 1990's. All of these tracks are hard to find even for die-hard Bay Area rap and hip-hop fans.