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1.The Only Thang I Know
2.Puttin'-N-Work II
3.Life Of A G ft. Telly Mac, Lil' Jazz, Lil D
4.Madd Boots ft. Lil' Jazz, Juma, J.C.
5.Hard Times
6.Somebody Gone Mind
7.Doing Thangs
8.Dank Smokin' Hoe Chokin' Outro ft. Lil' Jazz, Young Psycho, Mac Lo
9.Actin A Ass ft. Da Heathin

Skip Dog - 1st The Money Then The Power

Item # BBR-7079
Release Date

Body Bag Records

Lil' Jazz, Telly Mac, Cool V, Young Psycho, Mac Lo, Da Heathin, Juma, J.C. & Many More!
Album Details
Skip Dog - 1st The Money Then The Power has been finally re-released! This is an official limited edition release put out by Skip Dog himself. As you know this is one of the most sought after Fairfield, CA solo rap albums to date! This version has been pressed and sealed with a new bar code. 2 bonus tracks have been added to this album and the cd art has been updated with a new glossy picture. This album is not being sold in stores and only out the trunk! If you do not live in Fairfield this will be your only chance to purchase this dope ass cd! Skip Dog as you know is one of the tightest rappers to come out of the Flatlands. His first album E.Z.S.D. Game 2 Be Sold is a Northern California Classic! All of the tracks on this album are produced by the legendary T-Roy from Ballers Ona Mission (B.O.M.)! This cd contains tracks that can only be found on this album!