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1.What Up
2.Struggle To Survive
3.Deep Ass Shit
4.1 Up On Ya
5.In The Trunk
6.How We Livin' In TN
7.Run Your Rhyme
8.Hip Hop
9.Paid My Dues
10.Watch Out 4 The Snakes
11.Welcome To Hell
13.Bonus Track

D.J. Lee

Item # LEG-3501-2
Temporarily Unavailable
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Legend Records

Kool Daddy Fresh, Slugger, The Every Day Hustlaz
Album Details
This rare Nashville Tennessee rap album was strictly a local release only that is now out of print. D.J. Lee produced a lot of classic albums by Kool Daddy Fresh, Pistol and other legendary Nashville artists. This is an original pressing, not sealed, but in excellent condition. I only have one of these in stock, so get it before it's too late! This is my only copy! A G-Funk rap collectors must have!